Dreams Do Come True

By Jenna Jaxon

This past June marked several anniversaries for me. My 27th wedding anniversary, the 22nd anniversary of my daughter’s birthday, what would have been my parent’s 70th wedding anniversary, and the two year anniversary of receiving my first print contract with Kensington Publishing.

The latter anniversary is forever present in my memory because it happened on June 21st, 2016 on my and my husband’s 25th wedding anniversary. We had gone to a lovely French restaurant in Williamsburg to celebrate and were just being seated when I got a text from my agent, the wonderful Kathy Green, who informed me that the Senior Historical Editor at Kensington had made an offer on the first three books of my Widows’ Club series.dct

And as quickly as that one text arrived, my dream of having one of my books release in mass market paperback came true.

I’d been writing for eight years, had self-published five novellas and had published two full-length novels through Kensington’s Lyrical Press ebook line and had just received a contract for two more ebook from them. Even with all those releases under my belt, the dream I’d had since picking up the proverbial pen in 2009 had not been realized until that moment.

It takes hard work and dedication to make your dreams come true. It takes getting up at 6am to write for an hour before heading into your day job. It takes time away from your family writing because you have a deadline. It takes receiving rejection after rejection from agents and editors (my first novel got 47 rejection letters before an editor at Lyrical Press accepted it).

But dreams can come true. I am here to tell you. If you persevere, they will happen. In April of 2016 I finally got the call from Kathy Green, who I’d been subbing to for years, and who wanted to represent The Widows’ Club series. Another dream come true.

Follow your dreams. Follow your heart. And my greatest wish is that they will take you to your happy place as they have taken me to mine.

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