New Beginnings

By Cathy MacRae

Spring. The groundhog has promised 6 more weeks of winter, but, except for the wind and lack of rain, it’s pretty moderate here in the mid-west. So, I’m already chomping at the bit with an early case of Spring FeverIris and daffodils (1)

Last fall, I got a box of daffodil bulbs, iris roots and daylily roots for my birthday (thanks, mom!) and I can NOT wait for them to bloom. Of course, I grabbed some tulips, hyacinths and other spring bulbs to go in the new flower bed as well. I’m expecting a lot of cheerful faces in a few weeks

It is so exciting to see the green blades pushing through the dry crust of last year’s leaves. So uplifting to know that after a season of rest, everything is about to re-awaken. And with many plants in the garden, each year is better thaTulipsn the last. After a careful pruning, new branches arise, bearing new flowers, more fruit.

 The climbing rose on the back fence will soon take over, spilling fragrant yellow blooms across the metal trellis. The grapes will continue spreading their vines, creating more luscious fruits to share with my granddaughter. The daylilies will multiply, their brilliant faces waving on the ends of tall stalks.

daffodil ruffled apricot centerDaylillies

What new things feed your soul? What do you look forward to most?





5 thoughts on “New Beginnings

  1. I love Spring, too. The flowers, of course, and your examples here are just beautiful. And I love the new green of the season–all the various shades that come in the spring. Your post made me even more eager for it to arrive!


    • Oh, Barbara, I’m always ready for Spring, lol! Today’s high is 71, but will drop to nearly freezing by Saturday where it will remain for a few days. *sigh*


    • I think I worry about end-of-winter cold snaps every year. I uncovered a lot of green blades poking through the earth today. We need a lot more rain to help them along. I’ll leave them with their winter blanket of leaves for now.


  2. Oh I love spring flowers! We’ve already got iris blades shooting up, and daffodil out in the front. Unfortunately, my flowers are always better off if I leave them alone. I have ten brown thumbs, lol!


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