New Beginnings Times Two

by Barbara Bettis

This month, the term ‘new beginnings’ is pretty accurate for me. And I’m feeling a bit ambivalent about it.

As the new year dawned, I sold my house. That means I downsized from a three-bedroom, walk-out basement home in the country to a two-bedroom patio home in our small city.


moving van cartoon

I enjoy where I now live. It’s in a quiet residential area and best of all, it’s close to everything. No more driving eight to twelve miles one way to the nearest shopping areas; no more dodging deer who loved to play “who can wait longest to leap in front of Barb’s car;” no more holding my breath as I navigated the icy, snowy hills and curves enroute home in the winter.

But it also means no sitting on my porch to gaze at the expansive night sky, no waking to a handful of wild turkeys playing follow the leader several feet from my bedroom window, or coming home after dark to surprise even more deer dining on fallen apples under one of my three apple trees.

Still, I’m glad I made the decision.

When I moved, however, selecting what I would take with me and what I wouldn’t was a challenge. Most of the extra furniture and household items went to children and grandchildren and much went to donations. Sounds reasonable and for those of you who have moved, it probably sounds familiar.

Unfortunately, the habit of those things remain. I’ve settled into the new place, but I find myself reaching for something I used to have, only to stop and think, “Wait. I got rid of that.”

That’s normal, I imagine. But what has surprised me is I still worry about the house. Just last week I was concerned the new owners wouldn’t know what to do in sub-zero weather to safeguard the basement pipes. Or that they hadn’t set up their propane delivery quickly enough to ensure enough heat. Or…

Friends say the house worries will go away eventually, and slowly I’ll replace all the items I thought I could live without, but can’t.

And finally I’ll get back to a writing schedule that, sad to say, has been seriously affected.

Ironically, when I left, Roark, the hero of my WIP, he faced ‘new beginnings,’ also. Here’s a secret: He’s going to love his even more than I do mine!





5 thoughts on “New Beginnings Times Two

  1. Moving is hard. I moved 2 1/2 years ago and I’m still looking for things that I must have gotten rid of before the last move or wondering where I put something because it’s not in that spot where it used to be for years. I hope your new beginning is wonderful!


  2. Yes. I moved 1 1/2 years ago and I’m still looking for things I quite clearly remember being in one particular place–the only problem being that the particular place is where we lived before, and it was left entirely empty. But although I miss people from where we lived before, this house is the house of my dreams, and only ever having had a normal house lot before, living on 4 1/2 acres, most of which is woodland, satisfies a place in me I never knew I had. Hope you find the same tranquility in your new beginning.


    • Thank you Beppie. So far so good. I’m glad you have the home of your dreams–and those wooded acres must be wonderful! I lived in and loved rural areas for years, so I’m looking forward to being a city girl for awhile 🙂


  3. As with all ‘new beginnings’ in life, there are changes to which we must adapt. I’m so glad most of your changes are good ones, Barbara. I’m looking forward to seeing where Roark’s new beginning takes him, too!


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