Things That Go Bump in the Night–Welcome to My Halloween

by Jenna Jaxon

Halloween is my very favorite time of year! I’m brimming with excitement right now, with the big day only five days away. At my house, we have always gone all out, although I’ll admit we were better about it when my girls were younger.

The big thing then was our Halloween party. I started a day or two in advance and made all these elaborate treats: Peanut butter cookie broomsticks, monster teeth (apples with candy corn and peanut butter), scary eyeballs (donut holes with M & Ms), mummy hot dogs, worms in dirt (chocolate pudding, ground up Oreos, gummy worms), and a gruesome green witch’s brew (lime sherbet with ginger ale). I just loved all the different ideas for the foods.



We also decorate outside the house and have everything from a stand-up witch, to a flying ghoul, tombstones (one of which laughs maniacally), paintings that change from people to corpses, spider webs with huge spiders. The list goes on.

Yeah, we do Halloween up right!

My eldest daughter and I just finished putting together our treat bags for this year. I’ve found treat bags easier in the long run to loose candy. This year we’re giving out treat bags with both hard candy and chocolate plus a bag of Halloween cheese curls. We used to give out Halloween popcorn mini-bags but I haven’t been able to find those in recent years. 😦



This weekend we’re making our trip to the pumpkin patch and will have a carving marathon. Each of the four of us gets a pumpkin to carve, although my daughter who’s at school out of state has hers carved for her but has to send her own design to us. I save all the seeds and toast them to make a great snack to eat while awaiting the Trick or Treaters.


This weekend we’re also going to Busch Gardens’ Howl-O-Scream. Not that I like to get scared. I actually go for the shows—particularly Monster Stomp at Ripper Row, the best show in the park. It’s Jack the Ripper themed (one of my pet interests) and it has fantastic props and costumes along with some good actors. If you’re in the area (Williamsburg, VA) I suggest going this weekend, your last chance for the fright of your life!Monster-Stomp1-550x350

1 thought on “Things That Go Bump in the Night–Welcome to My Halloween

  1. I love Halloween, too. We spend months putting together our costumes and we always have fun Halloween foods for dinner. Now that my kids are older, we don’t trick or treat much but we always have a fund evening together, sometimes with friends. I love your photos and hearing about your traditions!


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