Sister Time

by Ruth Hartman


Every November, my sister comes for a visit. Though I wish she lived close by, it’s quite a trek for her to come to Indiana from Wyoming. (Garry and I make the trip to see her in the summer.) When she comes, the leaves are turning red and yellow, and the air is chilled. Perfect weather for putting on sweatshirts and taking a walk. And when we walk, we talk. A lot.Ruth - Author pic

Though we text pretty often, it’s not the same as face to face catching up. And let’s admit it, there are certain things you can only share with a sibling. Inside family jokes reach a whole new hilarious pitch when Chris and I get together. Giggles morph into laughs, which then turn into snorts. Loud ones.

We’ve always been close, though some might find that hard to believe since she is ten years older than I am. I have to say that she, as well as our two brothers, always looked out for me, making me feel loved and special.

When she left for college, I was only eight, so our time of actually living together wasn’t long. Shortly after she graduated, she got married and took off with her husband, living in various states and even a foreign country. The longest she spent in any one place was twenty-plus years in Alaska.

That might explain why I’ve been there seven times!

Though we always got along growing up, it changed for the better when I reached adulthood. The dynamics of our relationship and subjects of our conversations changed to reflect our more grown-up perspectives and mature natures.

Ha… that doesn’t go with the snorting, does it? Maybe we’re not so mature…

At any rate, we love our time together, not much caring what we do as long as it’s just her and me. We even go so far as to shop. Which we both hate. Somehow, though, having Chris along makes everything fun. Especially when we laugh so hard, store clerks give us the stink-eye. Which, of course, makes us laugh harder. Watching a terrible movie once, that was supposed to be serious, we found it so ridiculous that not only did other movie-goers glare at us, I’m surprised we didn’t get tossed out.

When I wanted to quit my job as a dental hygienist and write fulltime, she understood. And encouraged me. When I had a health scare, she was one of the first I told. Getting advice from her always gives me confidence and strength I wouldn’t have otherwise had.

This holiday season, make time for those who are important to you. Whether it’s a goofy older sister, or not.



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