My Working Vacation–with hubby and the dogs



Vacation_cabinLast summer I was fortunate enough to attend a conference in Scotland and escaped a couple of weeks of the hot temperatures back home. I enjoyed lots of lush, cool weather, great friends and fantastic scenery. While I planned my escape into the Highlands, hubby plotted our departure this summer into the mountains.

Sounds great, right? Oh, it will be. As soon as I have all the loose ends tied up. We’ll be headed to a cabin in the Rocky Mountains where the temperatures will range from low 50s at night to mid 70s during the day. Since we’re currently experiencing lows in the 70s and highs in the mid 90s, it’s got the makings of a wonderful retreat already.

I’ll be finishing a book and all the associated trappings. Hubby will be teaching his classes on-line. Maybe a drop-in by one of the kids. I’m planning to meet up with a fellow author I met in Scotland who lives in the neighborhood, so to speak, and of course I won’t miss a chance to browse all Colorado Springs has to offer. Work + vacation. I can’t wait!

But back to the loose ends. Did I mention we’re taking the dogs?

We have a house sitter for the little dog (she’s 13 and not likely to handle the drive or the changes well) and the cat. (Heaven help me if he has to be in a carrier for more than 5 minutes!) But the 2 big dogs? Yep, they’re going with us.

I really think they’ll enjoy the trip. They don’t like the hot weather, either, and hubby and I plan to hike, explore the countryside, (I’m wearing my new hiking boots even as I write this to help break them in before we leave, lol!) and the dogs certainly love to be outside. But the planning has been complicated.

Fortunately, I grew up with a mom who showed dogs, so traveling with them is not new. I just had to stop and re-think the process. Shots up to date? Check. Flea and tick control? Check. New, sturdy collars and leashes? Multiple ID tags? Check and check. Water and food? Medications? Blankets, towels? Treats, toys? Will both crates fit in the car? We’re talking German Shepherds, here. With scant centimeters to spare, check.

Of course, this leaves very little room for personal belongings. I’m laughing to think I’ll need to pack for a 3-week stay in a duffel bag. Unless I could talk hubby into leaving his guitar and fly fishing gear at home. (Not a chance, and I really wouldn’t ask). What about the sundry items I don’t want to have to buy once I’m there? Or a cooler for snacks along the way? Or the sheets and pillows we’ll need at the KOA cabin we’ll stop at overnight to break the long drive in half? (Have you tried to book a hotel with more than one dog lately? We did, two years ago with 3 dogs, though it was 2 corgis and a German Shepherd puppy, and everyone thought they were adorable. But that’s another story. One we won’t repeat any time soon.)

Be sure and follow me on social media. You know I’ll be posting photos!! Check out my facebook page (and give it a ‘like’ while you’re there. You can’t imagine how much this helps an author) at or Instagram for those quick snapshots at cathymacrae_author.

Would you travel with your pet?

Here’s a look at my four-legged vacation buddies!17_06_22_Freki & Gunnar in car

6 thoughts on “My Working Vacation–with hubby and the dogs

  1. What an adventure you will have. That cabin looks divine. Take care. P.S. your sweeties in the back of the car are adorable!


    • Truthfully, it’s a cabin photo I already had 🙂 I won’t have a good photo of ours until we get there. But I’ll post one (and lots more, I’m sure) The GSDs are super excited– they’ve had to inspect each piece of luggage or box of sundries. They’ll be less excited to spend tomorrow in their crates, but at least they’ll be going!


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