My Heroes Always Come Home

by Katherine Bone

Ahoy, me hearties! When I was a young officer’s wife and my husband was frequently away on duty, I turned to books to escape. At the time, I had two young children below thkatherine bonee age of two years old and we were living overseas in Italy and Germany (a total four and a half years), far away from family and friends. Books were my mainstay, companionship in times of trouble, and provided adventure far outside of the loneliness I experienced every day.

To stay sane, I devoured romance novels by Kathleen Woodiwiss, Julie Garwood, Johanna Lindsey, Elizabeth Lowell, Rosemary Rogers, and Fern Michaels. Their books led me to historical places where life was gritty and hard, but love ALWAYS won the day. Something I prayed would happen when my husband was serving our country and there were times I feared I would never see him again.

Two more children and eight moves later, I decided to take my art school background and flip it by painting pictures with words. Writing novels is a wonderful opportunity to share my passion for history and the written word, and to pay it forward to readers experiencing the same loneliness I endured so many years ago.

In the beginning of my writing career, I wrote western romance to celebrate my passion for old western frontier Army bases like Fort Laramie, WY, Fort Leavenworth, KS, and Fort Sill, OK. Think John Wayne in the Searchers and Angel and the Badman, Roy Rogers, and the Lone Ranger. (My love for the west deepened at the Fort Leavenworth Museum. It was there I volunteered as an assistant assembling exhibits and created artwork for exhibitions.)

My writing style has been greatly influenced by comic books, Kathleen Woodiwiss, Julie Garwood, Edgar Allen Poe, Louis L’Amour, Zane Grey, Patrick O’Brien, John Jakes, Jane Austen, the Brontës, Alexander Dumaserroll flynn as captain blood 2, and Gaston Leroux. But the theme of my books has always been anchored by hope.

What better way to anchor readers in hope than to write seafaring stories, especially about pirates, eh? (After all, there isn’t much of a jump between the Wild West, men traveling west of the Missouri to forge a living on the plains, to pirates sailing away from civilization to pillage and plunder on the open sea, is there? Pirate!)

Readers can always count on action/adventure sequences sandwiched between sensual scenes and witty repartee in my books. There will always be epic peril involved that can often seem over the top. (My love for over-the-top action is an ode to my youth and comic books!) 😉

Remember those nights I worried about whether or not my rogue would return home? There will be thrilling sea battles and swashbuckling sword fights, or gunfights, to keep readers turning the pages to find out that very same thing. I’ll let you in on a secret. In my books, heroes ALWAYS return home!

Real life is shocking, tragic, throwing curve balls at every turn. Key in overcoming obstacles in our lives is to forge on through every challenge, trusting that our anchor will keep us from dashing upon the rocks or floating away on perilous cthe pirates debturrent

I’m beyond thrilled that readers will soon get the next book in my Regent’s Revenge Series, THE PIRATE’S DUTY. Expect to see Oriana Thorpe’s and Captain Walsingham’s book available mid-July.

Until then, grab a copy of book two, THE PIRATE’S DEBT, in the ROMANCE ON THE HIGH SEAS box set, a May 18th Limited time release! THE PIRATE’S DEBT is Lady Chloe Walsingham’s and Basil, Earl of Markwick’s story.





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