Writing Now, Writing Then

The_novels_and_letters_of_Jane_Austen(1)by Donna Hatch

When people ask me what I do to celebrate completing a manuscript, I am always a little stumped. I don’t celebrate, really. It’s kind of like giving childbirth; I’m usually too exhausted to party. And the work isn’t done. Once I have done all I can with a manuscript, it goes to my editor. The next step is (two or three or more) rounds of edits and sometimes revisions. After that, I proof the galley (the PDF of what the printed page will look like). Once the book goes into production, I promote that it’s coming, schedule blog tours and interviews, and try to hype up release day as well as garner pre-orders. On release date, I promote, promote, promote.

In the midst of that, I start the next piece whether it’s a novella, short story, or full-length novel. I always have ideas of stories I want to write, and works-in-progress in various stages of the writing process. That being said, I did pat myself on the back when the last book came out. It marked my twentieth published title. My husband and I went out for a nice steak dinner and yes, I had dessert.

However, when I finish a manuscript, I do give myself a reprieve. It may only be a day or two but I take a little time to catch up on my To-Do List—neglected chores or errands. One of my favorite ways to relax after finishing a manuscript is to read novels by some of my favorite authors—something I don’t do when I’m in the midst of writing or researching or scrambling to meet a deadline.

Currently, I am working on a Christmas novella about a kiss from a stranger (or was it a romantic ghost?). I’m having a lot of fun with that one. The characters really need each other but refuse to see that and there are a lot of obstacles in the way of their happily ever after.

I’m also in the rough draft stage of the fifth book of the Rogue Hearts series. This one is about a lady who finds her estranged husband murdered and is blamed for the crime. In a time when a suspect was presumed guilty unless proven innocent, she goes on the run. The Bow Street Runner sent to track down the beautiful widow is starting to believe she’s innocent. The real killer wants her dead.

I am also doing research for a Napoleonic War spy series I want to write, and I am planning on writing a second book in the Music of the Heart Series about how music brings two people together.

Then there’s that idea inspired by my research into hot air ballooning.

And that pirate series I mean to write someday.

regency lady reading(1)

So many books to wriand so little time!

What kind of books you like to read? Do you have any favorite tropes?

4 thoughts on “Writing Now, Writing Then

  1. Congratulations on the huge milestone of 20 books, Donna! Often ideas for my next book pop up before I’ve finished the one I’m on and the characters clamor so, it want to start it right away. But I can’t multi-book-task, as you seem to be able to do. Good luck on your next project.

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