Works in progress

By Cathy MacRae


My last book release was the end of December, 2016, but I have a lot going coming up! I’m currently working with my critique partner DD MacRae (we collaborated on Highland Escape in 2015) on a book tentatively titled, The Highlander’s Viking Bride.

The heroine, Katja Sinclair, after years of abuse from her father, is forced to marry a neighboring laird as part of a means to end a nearly 100 year old feud. At first angry at being humiliated by a quick, forced marriage—as though she was hiding a pregnancy or evidence of an affair—she is reluctantly pleased, and surprised, by her new husband. He is only a few years older than she, good-looking, and shows a tendency to kindness. A vast improvement over her life as a despised daughter.

But a series of events convince her she is scarcely wanted or needed in her new home, and once her husband’s back is turned, it becomes clear someone wants her dead.

Calder MacGerry has met the woman of his dreams, and offered her hand in marriage—something he as a mere laird over an impoverished clan should never have expected. Lady Katja Sinclair is an earl’s daughter, and far above his meager social status. But when her father agrees to peace between their clans—and includes Katja’s hand as necessary to the accord—Calder balks for a moment or two at the earl’s requirement he marry Katja that very day. Who wants an unwilling wife to add to his current woes? But her beauty wins him over as he swears to give Katja the loving home she’s never known.

Taking his enemy’s daughter as lady over his clanspeople might not have been Calder’s best idea. Many of his people resent her, remembering the feud and deaths of far too many young men. Others see Katja’s large dowry as a bribe from a sworn enemy, hammering home the difference between the riches of her father and the poverty of the MacGerry clan. And Calder’s leman will stop at nothing to insinuate herself back into his bed—even if it means driving a wedge between the laird and his new bride. Hoping to have this book available in May/June of this year.

I’m also working on a story that is a departure from my Scottish Historical romances—a contemporary romantic suspense that has become a bit of a cross between Stephanie Plum and Steel Magnolias. Or, Stephanie Plum if she lived in rural Alabama and ran a garden center. Even with the suspense, its laugh-outloud funny!

Nora Prince, as the manager of the Two Lips Garden Center, has had it with her employees. As she contemplates the wisdom of firing all three of them—leaving herself stuck with the upcoming bout of Spring Fever—a handsome new employee—one she wasn’t expecting—steps in to save the day. Claiming to be a friend of the garden center’s owner, who has retired to sunny Florida, Steve Marshall has the looks, the skills and the mojo to whip her crew of misfit good ole boys into shape. Nora even finds herself falling for his charms, and her number-one rule—no dating employees—is about to take a direct hit.

Steve Marshall, an undercover agent for the DEA, has Nora Prince in his sights. It’s quickly obvious to him that her employees do not have the intelligence to head the drug ring he is certain is operating out of the garden center. But nothing Nora says or does adds up to a cold-hearted drug dealer. He’s fairly certain her looks and spunk haven’t turned his head, but when bodies begin to pile up at the Two Lips Garden Center, will he become Nora’s protector or her lover? Or will he send her to prison without a backward glance?

I hope you’ll give this story a try. It’s currently titled The Southern Gardener’s Guide to Murder. There are two more planned for this series.

THVB hi res

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